Start your day off right! Get your Morning Mojo Back!


The first year I started my business I would shoot about of bed in the morning bright and early, partially due to my massive list of things to do, and partially out of excitement/fear/disbelief over what I was doing and building.  As an entrepreneur there is rarely a morning that I ever press snooze, as the moment my brain wakes up it's ticking off a list of things to do and full of new ideas and plans.  I'll be honest, I love my jobs, my companies, the teams I work in....yet once in awhile these mornings can be daunting and my energy and attitude don't match my visions and plans.  What to do?  I can't accomplish my to do lists and turn visions into reality when stuck in a serious case of "the Mondays"! 

After years of research - in my own Brooklyn apartment - I have found a way to get my "Morning Mojo" back, and I'll include my list below.  I urge you all to add in your own tips, as I'm always open to new ones!  These tips have all been tested, and yes, you can try them at home.  Have them as a plan, written down, a rescue plan if you will.  The next time you feel like pulling the covers over your bed or calling in sick - luxuries we as entrepreneurs cannot afford - pull out your list and start bringing your mojo back!

* Channel your own Sasha Fierce: Stop laughing!  I think Beyonce is onto something.  Her stage and work persona, Sasha Fierce, is often a topic of interviews.  Beyonce relies on this chance of character to make her feel more powerful on stage, help her get over stage fright, bad days, and nerves when she has to face challenges or performances.  In the same way, when you need to get things done and don't feel it in you, find your own Sasha or whatever else you want to call her within you.  Make sure she is powerful, confident, full of energy, and ready to face even the toughest day.  My Sasha Fierce inner powerhouse was named by my business partner, and her name is Moxie Brown.  When things need to get done Moxie Brown comes around and things. get. done.  

* Morning Meditation: This is something I recommend you do daily, but "in case of emergency" here's one I highly recommend.  I also suggest playing music which should be something calming and peaceful that you can use for morning meditations, chanting or rainforest/beach/storm sounds work as well.  My favorite calming meditation to repeat to this nice relaxing music is "breathe in relaxation, breathe out tension".  Do this for four counts for breathing in and four counts for breathing out and do it in as quiet a place as possible.  I've been doing this not only in the mornings, but also during times when things get really hectic in the office.  It gives me a chance to "get present" and slow myself down, which makes me a better service to everyone around me.  This mantra in particular is something I got from entrepreneur and intuitive counselor Meredith Applebaum who knows her meditation!

* Get your Mojo Mix On:  I have a few mixes on my Ipod that I KNOW will get me moving in the morning/afternoon/evening.  I have tunes that put me in a great mood, get my feet tapping and make me shake it a little when I'm walking to the train (coincidentally one of them is Beyonce's "Single Ladies" from her Sasha Fierce album.  These songs inspire me, cause spontaneous moments of awesome creative visualization, and remind me of how exciting and fulfilling my life is.  Music really does that ladies!  Everyone has their own style of music that gets them going, so have fun and pick out tunes you really love.  When should you play your mix? Make it something that you let yourself turn on the moment you are out the door ( if you work outside of home) or that you listen to on a morning walk before returning to your home office.  

* Exercise Already:  Whenever I have energy that veers into the stressed/nervous/tense territory, I slip on my walking shoes and take a walk - no matter where I am - to clear my head.  Exercise does that for you, as does the change of scenery.  If you are stuck in a rut in the morning the same rule applies!  Go for a walk/jog/gym visit.  Burn off that bad energy and keep moving.  No excuses, as everyone has at least ten minutes to spare if it means better performance as a result.

* Support group:  As you can imagine, we like community at Tin Shingle.  Just as the Collective is a large support network you are a part of, you should form your own mini-support group that you can rely on for a morning phone call to boost your spirits.  These people will listen and know what to say to help you change your perspective.

Those are a few of my Mojo Makers....what are yours?