Special Opportunity: Press Kit Examples - Submit Yours or Your Client's Best Press Kits


Tin Shingle is preparing a special TuneUp webinar dedicated to Press Kits, to show small business owners and marketers what they should look like. We will be showing examples of good looking press kits that hit the mark in terms of design, presentation, content and copy. We want to feature yours! Your business name, website and contact information will be featured along with any Press Kits that are selected.

  • PR Agency: Are you a PR professional or agency who has a collection of client Press Kits that are awesome? Submit your best ones.
  • Designer: Are you a designer who can design a Press Kit in your sleep? Submit your best work.
  • Business Owner: Are you a business owner or marketer who is particularly proud of your Press Kit and the good response it has gotten from the media or clients? Send it to us.

Send to: info@tinshingle.com

Attachments? Attachments are OK. You can send via email.

Deadline: April 21, 2017

This is not a call for paper Press Kits. Digital only.

Looking forward to seeing submissions. Thanks!