#SmallBizStyle: Plug-In With Style with these Cord & Outlet Designs


I have a problem - I buy gifts for my husband that I want. Yet in my head I am sure sure he will like and must have been pining for them. Such is the case with each of these electronic upgrades for making your computer cords fancy and organized. 

Nice By Design iPhone iPad Cord Organizers Stylish NICE BY DESIGN
On the Wall or On the Go iPhone & iPad Cord Storage

To work with my problem of buying my husband electronic gadgets and accessories that I actually want, I bought myself a "Goldie" phone cord organizer. Just in case my husband wanted to borrow it, I bought the orange one. Sure enough, I left it out on the kitchen counter, and he nearly swiped it into his work bag that evening. I should have bought the fuscia pink one! But at $13, I will go buy myself a second one, and in pink this time. 


Covered Extension Cord from Grain Stylish

While shopping in a little boutique in Beacon NY (Reservoir & Wood), I spotted these covered cords from GRAIN, which is also based in upstate New York and specializes in furniture and lighting accessories for the home. One of the many reasons I love local boutiques is that they curate my style. They say: "Yes, there is a covered cord in fabric, and no, you no longer need to suffer the white plastic ones that connect electronic things out in the open. Like your light bulb hanging above your washing machine in the basement." Thanks to GRAIN, the hanging light bulb in our basement is getting an upgrade. No longer will it look like an interegation scene down there. It will look "industrial" and designed. 


Invisiplug Wood Gain Surge Protector Power Strip Stylish

Surge Protector Power Strips

Dream come true for power strip innovations. Who needs those space-age neon colored power strips that look like you're in a Jetson's cartoon? And the white and brown power strips are just plain ugly. Finally, a small business has brought style to this dusty corner of the room that literally may be sweapt under the rug (fire hazard!). Plus, the guys behind this power strip were fishing for a deal on Shark Tank, after already landing a wholesale deal with Lowe's.