#SmallBizSnacks: Palmetto Cheese, the Best “Cheat Food” Your Mouth Will Ever Meet


Let’s talk about cheese.  Seriously, this post is all about cheese, and not just any cheese: pimento cheese.  If you were like the Sabina of one year ago you’d be all “What the heck is pimento cheese and why should I care?”  I hear you.  In fact I shouldn’t even be writing about - or eating - cheese as I’m on my Get it Right Get it Tight Wedding Work-Out Plan.  That said, there are some things that force you to break the rules.  Palmetto Cheese, the fastest growing pimento cheese company in the country is one of them.  I mean, a cheese company that is a small business and still beats out famous national brands in online likability contests and polls should sway you, and the numbers (and social media fans) don’t lie.  But don’t let that be your only reference.  Let the happy face of my fiancé, “A” (pictured here in this post), and the fact that Palmetto Cheese is currently one of my only cheat foods, along with my words below close the deal.

As a mid-westerner, pimento cheese was simply not part of my vocabulary and definitely not part of my snacking repertoire until the folks at Palmetto Cheese sent an assortment of their goods to a Tin Shingle holiday party.  I decided to humor one of our southern team members who was raving about it (and knew of the South’s "pimento cheese legacy" if you will) and took a bite of it on a cracker.  Let me just tell you that I basically went through half a box of crackers and way too much Palmetto Cheese before the party even began.  The stuff is “like crack” to put it not-so-nicely.  Once you start you cannot stop eating it.  But in a good way, in way that makes you say “wow, that was soooo worth it”. 

How would I describe it….Creamy, cheesy, tangy, hits the savory spot of your tongue and belly in a way I haven’t ever experienced before.  Their flavors (Original,  Jalapeno and Bacon) pack a punch and keep you reaching back to the container for more.  There is no way you will open a carton of Palmetto Cheese and close it and put it back into the fridge.  It will be empty.  Scrape-the-bottom empty.  Lick the container empty (I swear this wasn’t me but I’ve seen it happen).  Put it on crackers, put it on carrots (this is how we lie to ourselves at home and say it’s healthy), but don’t stop there.  The genius husband-wife team at Palmetto Cheese supplies endless recipes via their website, Facebook and Twitter.  

Speaking of their social media communities, just take a gander at them.  They are massive for a small business!  I believe it’s because they’re producing an AMAZING product, have sensational customer service and their team is phenomenal (as an “insider” I know this).  Beyond their product being awesome, I have to take a moment to brag about this small business on a professional level.  What started as a small seed of an idea (as most amazing brands do) the Palmetto Cheese company now sells in over 4,600 locations in 30 states and is the fastest growing pimento cheese company in the country.

I’m sure you’re salivating at the moment so I won’t go on much longer.  Let me just remind you that summer is around the corner and you’ll soon be put to task with bringing something for a cook-out, barbeque, graduation party, beach day or hostess gift.  Heck, within the next week you’ll need a snack for poker night, a baby shower, a dinner party or movie night at your own home.  You know you want to be the person who yells “It was ME!” when someone asked “who brought this amazing cheese dip to the party?”.

Place your order with Palmetto Cheese via their website HERE and check out the rave reviews, recipes and great contests and deals via their Facebook and Twitter pages.  You are welcome.



I LOVE this product!! I eat it everyday. I buy it every week.
I eat it with carrot chips or sticks. I eat it with apples and
Pretzels. It's the best product on the market!!!