Sharing Email Lists for Greater Reach


With holidays around the corner, it's time to work on actively engaging your database and email lists and being sure they are as large as possible for your holiday promotions you will be sending!

Sure some people swap email lists secretly, but I often find this dishonest - and at times you could be infringing on someone's email privacy rights! 

Instead of secretly adding people to your email list when you aren't even sure they want to be there in the first place ( how will that ever benefit you?)  here are some other suggestions:

* Find a like minded brand or product and find a way to cross-promote, whether this be by offering their database something a discount or product/service that would truly resonate with their email list, or by sharing a tip that they can send to their email list as it will benefit them

* Offer something equally beneficial to the person whose list you will be sharing

* Share an event or online/teleseminar program in which you can promote on both of your lists, and invite people to your website to sign up as well

* Support a charity or non-profit through your sales and ask them to promote you via banner ad or email promotion to drive people to your site

For instance, if you have a greato organic body products line, perhaps you can create a special holiday gift package with another brand and promote the package over both of your websites.

If you are an expert in organizing home spaces, offer to speak for free at a yoga studio or women's group, and ask them to promote you and your site via their database - you will not only get more email subscribers to your site via the promo email, but also from your in person speaking.

Remember - never attend an event, trade show, or networking group without something you can take and save email addresses on - even a printed hand out will work!

For more on database growth, stay tuned!