Seven Reasons Why You Do NOT Want to Miss Spark & Hustle with Tory Johnson....


Happy Monday entrepreneurs!  If you’re like me you’re gearing up for a week that will require energy, creative strategy, great ideas and support from your team as well as peers who understand what you’re going through as a small business owner.  Those are often the things that I believe are pivotal to your success – you definitely need to be educated in proven business strategies. but you also need to be around others who have been where you are now and supported by those who know what you’re going through! 

If you’re in New York City this weekend (or several other cities in the country later this spring/summer), you have a chance to do just that at the Spark & Hustle Tour with Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson.  They are bringing their small business success program to eight cities (from Dallas to Atlanta – see HERE for all the cities) and it’s going to include what I like to call “the meat” of what you need to know about running a successful business, and none of the fluff.  I personally am excited for many reasons…. 

First of all, I get to speak on how to generate press as a small business, and you all know I love talking about how to DIY public relations….Secondly, as an attendee the rest of the weekend, I’m really psyched to hear other great panelists talk, both the experts they have on deck as well as the successful entrepreneurs I’ll be able to learn from.  Some of the panelists on my listening wish list?  Liz Lange (of the fashion empire) who will be talking about the power of personal branding, Nell Merlino (Make Mine a Million) talking about business plans, Lisa Price (the founder of Carol’s Daughter), Ted Rubin (e.l.f. cosmetics) talking social media and the author of Crush It, Gary Vaynerchuck, who always leaves me feeling energized after he speaks!

There are several other reasons I think Spark & Hustle is an opportunity you don’t want to miss and I don’t have enough room for them all here, but I couldn’t leave some of them out, so here they are below, just a few more reasons I hope to see you at Spark & Hustle in NYC, or hear you report back from how it went in Tulsa, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles or the other cities on the tour…..

  • The Tin Shingle Discount: All members get a killer discount package, which they can check out HERE
  • The No Fluff Zone:  This conference has an environment unlike any other glitz/glamour — it’s all about making more money.  As founder Tory Johnson points out,  instead of focus on making friends (BFFs), it’s really about BBFs:  business best friends.  These are the people who’ll champion your business. 
  • Several Opportunities to Toot Your Own Horn: The opportunities to score press about your business are endless – not only are attendees being featured on the Spark & Hustle Dreamer into Doer editorial features, but many are turning into stories used by Tory and her team at Good Morning America, Job Club and NOW she’s pulling stories for Fox Business News to feature and inspire the nation.  Do you know where she’s finding these stories?  The conferences!  Come ready to brag!
  • There's something about Tory:  This leads me to another part of the conference I’m excited about, and that’s Tory Johnson.  I’ve been privileged to know and work with Tory for years and I know that small business, entrepreneurs and workplace success are not only what she talks about, covers and researches all day, but the success of others in these areas are what makes her happy!  She’s an entrepreneur herself and knows what we need, and champions all of us as much as she can!  Come meet Tory!
  • The Best Teachers: Amazing speaker line-up —There are over 40 speakers who are bringing it this year, from top experts in their fields to inspiring & successful entrepreneurs.
  • I love a great party: Party for attendees on Thurs night at Scribble Press on West 84th where they will feature a brand new retail experience store with a partner from highly-acclaimed ALKeMi Partners who will share the inspiring story of Scribble Press from concept to execution.
  • I love a Friday party as well: The party Friday night for attendees also welcomes them to sell or share samples of their products with other attendees.  Need a booth?  Collecitve-E members will get them for free.  Beyond getting to check out other brands this is a great place to NETWORK!  I'm guessing you'll walk away with new contacts, business friends and ideas!

    If you have any questions or need help with your member discounts, just email us at and we'll help you out and put you in touch with the Spark & Hustle team!