Savvy Super Bowl Buzz Building Strategies


The Super Bowl is coming up - this February 2nd! Whether this means anything to you or not on a sports fan level doesn't matter in terms of what I'm going to share with you next (confession: I don't even know who is playing).  The fact is, with some clever and quick thinking, you still have time to make this even work for you in terms of social media, sales and press.  Your job is to find a link between your biz and this big day, and turn it into a pitch, post or promotion.  Needs some help?  Here are some ideas to get you closer to the goal line....

Final score determines an awesome promotion or discount:
This could mean the winning score (number) indicates the percentage off customers can get for a certain time, this could mean different promotions are activated depending on which team wins, this could even mean free shipping during the entire Super Bowl weekend.  Have fun with it and find something that works for your business model.

Share football inspired fitness moves, stretches or work outs:
Kick it up a notch and share moves they have to do based on the plays carried out in the game.  In other words, think of this like a drinking game but with fitness not alcohol.

How to throw an awesome Super Bowl party:
What to eat, specialty cocktails, decor, invitations - they all need to be talked about, share information from the areas you in which you have expertise.

Football explained to the non-football fan:
Do you have tips or easy ways to understand this all-American game?  First - explain it to me, then, turn it into magnetic content for your blog or a pitch!

Participate on Twitter & Instagram using the right hashtags:
Before diving into this platform look to see what other brands and people are using as hashtags.  Some may even pop up based on what's going on in the game or commercials!

Football Commercial Analysis:
Offer to contribute thoughts, insight or reviews of the famous football commercials as or after they happen. 

Throw an Anti-Super Bowl Party:
Invite the media, have fun anti-sports activities, make it newsworthy.  OR just share tips on how and why anyone could do this on their own!

How to Keep Cool Under Pressure: for Athletes or Regular Folks:
The Super Bowl is a big pressure day for football players, and I'm sure there are strategies they can use to keep cool and focused.  What are they?  Can we as "lay people" try them as well?  If this is your expertise share tips!

Make Your Biz a Part of Your Customers or Followers Parties:
You may not be able to be there in person (that could be strange) but you can create downloadable tips, activities, art work or other digital goodies that people can print out and use on the big day.  Need an idea?  How about: scorecards, commercial rating sheets, fitness plans, recipes, non-football inspired activities - get creative and be sure it's branded with your business's logo, website and contact details!

PS - remember, the Super Bowl is a copyrighted term so creating actual products you're selling that use that word is tricky.  Read about that - and how Chipotle got around it, here!