Sabina is Speaking on an Awesome Business Panel Next Week & You Can Tune in on Twitter!


The only thing I love more than being an entrepreneur is talking about small business and entrepreneurship.  This November 22nd I'll be doing just that as I join four other female entrepreneurs to speak on a panel about Starting Your Own Business.  The panel is part of an annual conference hosted by the New York Women in Communications, and will give us a chance to share our experiences, strategies, tips and I'm sure a few "don't do this, learn from my mistakes"  insightful stories.

The day long conference will feature several break-out panels like mine where experts from (ranging from a CNN correspondent to an editor from Mashable to the Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire) will speak on 10 different topics including:

  • Conversations About Content
  • PR, Advertising & Marketing
  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Starting Your Own Business (Oh hey there, my panel!)
  • And more! (you can check out the entire panel list HERE)

Not only am I psyched to talk about a subject that I have such a deep passion for, but I'll be doing it in the company of women who I admire, respect and intend to learn from while I'm there.

While checking out all of the different panels - and trying to figure out how I can clone myself and attend all of them - I was also excited to see some inspirational powerhouses who I've already had the opportunity to connect with in one way or another throughout my own entrepreneurial journey - you'll want to follow these gals on Twitter (and everywhere else) right now if you aren't already, because they are guaranteed to deliver posts you can learn from, grow from and get inspired by - and I never feel like I'm getting "noise" from them, if you know what I mean...

Click on their names to connect with their social feeds!

Jennifer Walsh - Beauty empire builder - have you checked out the latest brand she launched?  Through Pride & Glory she's managed to master the art of growing a business that gives back - and is doing tremendously well at the same time.

Peg Samuel - Peg is literally the diva of social media - I mean she is Social Diva by trade and by name, and can teach you a thing or two (or twenty) about how you can build online connections for your biz the right way.

Aly Walansky - This girl is a power blogger and brand builder.  Chances are you've even seen her story ideas pop into our Tin Shingle PR leads from time to time.  Follow Aly because not only will your brand thank you (if it leads to a press hit) but her social posts are hilarious.

Christen Brandt - Christen is the co-founder of She's the First, a non-profit that is changing the face of education for girls around the globe.  I met her partner, Tammy Tibbetts, on a panel I spoke on a few years ago, and knew they'd be huge.  One glance at their Facebook and you'll see I was right.  I am so very excited to meet Christen in person, and fortunately for me she's actually on my panel!

Jamie Stelter - Okay, in truth it just feels ilke we are friends because I "wake up with her" every morning as I watch the news, and then tune into her online cooking show for yummy recipes.  So basically Jamie, we're besties and you just don't know it yet.

I'm sure at this point you're thinking, "Sabina! How can I get up on all of this guaranteed amazing information?"  The good news is, you can follow along virtually on the day of the conference from anywhere in the world my friends, via the hashtag the conference will be using: #nywiciscc14

If you want to attend in person, guess what? That's possible too!  Snag your ticket here. You can also expect me to dish out a full report on the Monday following the conference, and share all the highlights and takeaways I'm sure to get - you're never too experienced to learn more from people inside and outside of your industry!