Recap of July 19th's PR Challenge Group - A Peek Into What Tin Shinglers Talk About


The PR Challenge Group Meeting calls always bring something new to the table. New contributions from Tin Shinglers to each other. New tools. New ideas. New accomplishments! We have started recapping these digital group meetings as a place of reference for what tool or tip was shared. The full recap is in the private Community Boards that you can only access if you are a Community Member of Tin Shingle. But I'll give you an inside peek into what we talked about :)

July 19, 2016:

Lauren Hathaway launched a new Holiday Pitching service for her product clients, where her agency is pitching for the holiday season. We in the group have been seeing her through this, giving suggestions on newsletters that she can send to prospective clients in her network. She landed 2 new clients!

Lisa Hennessy of Your Pet Chef shared with us an exciting story of how a pitch she answered from HARO turned into not only a mention in Elle Spain, but a voiceover part in an upcoming MOVIE called The Eyes of Old Texas! You can now find Lisa in IMDB, and sure, you can pitch this new celebrity for your products when you're digging in IMDB for contacts for celebrities! Her social media is also taking on a new speed since our intervention with her non-active Instagram account. Lots of hungry pet-owners are seeing her home-cooked food for their dogs!

Katie: I shared my new target for press placement, AAA Magazine for the NY region, and also vowed to research the other regional editions of that magazine to include in Tin Shingle's Media Contacts that are privately available to members. Additionally, thanks to Joy bringing up Tin Shingle's Blog Planning and Production Calendar to find dates for themed holidays, I got a new idea to assign new after school programs to Parent's Day that is coming up at the end of July. Thanks to our homework of producing two pieces of pitches or media for "short lead story ideas" (aka story ideas based on something going on right now), I had the idea to tie an advertiser's monthly article to the recent Pokemon craze. They are an insurance agency who ran a Distracted Driving Campaign, and we revisited it with Distracted Walkers.

Sierra of Manic Trout: Though she's been moving this month, she did land an accessories column for a magazine she pitched who at first turned her down, then took a closer look at her writing and brought her on board! She confessed that she has secretly always wanted to write for a magazine.

Joy of Prosperity Consulting started going through Tin Shingle's Blog Planning and Production Calendar for a food client she has, as there are many opportunities coming up for him that she can blog about or create social media images for.

PS: Tin Shingle Community Members can join in anytime on this 8-week session. The last session for this PR Challenge will be September 6. Then we will take a break and start a new PR Challenge in a few weeks. Join us anytime by activating a membership here at Tin Shingle!

Tin Shingle Members attending the PR Challenge Group Call