Reasons Why I Love Being an Entrepreneur: #1 Stress Free Coffee Breaks


I've decided I shall start sharing my many reasons that I love being an entrepreneur because let's admit it....this lifestyle isn't always easy, and we need reminders at times of why it rocks.  That said, here's one that I was reflecting on today, and feel free to send ideas to add to the series!

I love being an entrepreneur because even though I work A LOT I can go get coffee whenever I want without worrying that I'm taking too long a break and someone is going to give me an admonishing stare when I come back into the office. 

This morning I decided to get some fresh air before going back in to pitch and I went on a great walk, got some coffee, met the small business owner who runs the shop, and then walked back to the train for work.  Not once was I frantically checking my clock for fear that my "fifteen minutes" were up.  I arrived back at the office refreshed and re-energized.  Ah bliss!  

PS -  if you want a stress free coffee break with once in one of the friendliest spots in Greenpoint, check out Cafe Grumpy.  I just feel creative being in there, and they have better coffee than anywhere I know!