Tin Shingles Do the Hustle


Hey Tin Shingles! It's Katie, checking in from the land of a preneur-like maternity-leave, where work is never quite off, and the passion for the business certainly never is. I was going to write an updated blog post about life in my planned entrepreneurial maternity leave, to update you as to how it's been going, but I took beauty-preneur and mogul Jennifer Walsh's music advice from her Tin Shingle Monday Motivation Mix to put on Mumford & Sons, and whoosh, it pumped some love-based adrenalin in me for Tin Shingles! I am overcome with the rush behind all Tin Shingles who are doing the hustle to grow and live their business!

Consider this a giant shout out to all of you who have turned your ideas into action, who are constantly balancing learning new business tactics, and turning around to apply those tactics. You are doing the hustle, and no research prepared you for the dedication that consumes you after you willingly and excitingly commit yourself to an endeavor. It is that passion that keeps you going, keeps you sharp, keeps you having stellar ideas that keeps your business different from anybody elses'.

As a Tin Shingle, you know you can't do it alone. You do it better with others. You learn from others, get inspired by other's successes, learn from their failures, seize opportunities passed to you. You're outsourcing when you need to, what is not your specialty or desire to do something, and you've spotted tools to use to grow your business. And I'm just going to point blank say it - you've found us at our company called Tin Shingle, which we named after all of you, and it's going to help you in a multi-pronged approach to your business. We keep you fresh, we keep you informed, we keep you filled with insider leads to get your business into press doors that others may keep knocking at with little answer.

When I'm feeling the least bit lumpy in my passion or my brain or anything, I get on this website and I look to the lower left hand corner to our Twitter list of business members of Tin Shingle. From their tweets, which are all so different because of their different businesses, their hustles are oozing out of the black and red type of our Twitter list into my motivation to stay fresh and alive in this game. Business owners everywhere inspire me, but our members are dear to my heart and I love following their hustle.

Here are a few highlights from today:





That is all. :)