Tin Shingle News Roundup: Your Daily Dose of Things to Read


We find the must-know news so you don’t have to.  Read on!

  • Normally I only share news stories with you via the News Roundup series but I deem this app so amazing that I had to share it in today’s wrap up!  I discovered it after watching NYC boutique Grey Era’s social media pages fill up with beautifully captioned photos.  When I asked her what program she used to make them she let me know that a) it’s Overgram b) it’s FREE and c) it’s SUPER EASY to use.  That is exactly what this I needed and I’m already hooked.  Check it out here, and see why it’s going to be one of my fave apps for my biz in 2013.
  • Following, unfollowing, being “unfollowed”, and all the new worries we have thanks to social media.  It presents so many new scenarios we have to deal with etiquette wise.  HelloGiggles Annie Stamell helps you navigate this world and avoid potential faux pas in this piece.