Tin Shingle News Roundup: Your Daily Dose of Things to Read


We find the must-know news so you don’t have to.  Read on Tin Shingle members! When running a small business you know that two of the things that can make a huge impact on your brand are your ability to work efficiently and your ability to work from anywhere.  In honor of those needs,  we share this article from USA Today regarding cloud computing applications that let small business maximize their ability to be more competitive, save money, time and more!

We love sharing useful information, advice, relevant stoires and more on our Tin Shingle blog, but we know we’re not the only source for awesome entrepreneurial information out there.  One blog we love is the social media blog from Excela Marketing.  Whether sharing new ways to get the most out of Pinterest or updating me on the latest Facebook updates, they’re one of my favorite websites in terms of best-practice social media content.  Be sure to add them to your weekly list of things to read! 

The day Tin Shingle's co-founder Katie Hellmuth-Martin convinced me to turn off my visual “new email” alerts (you know those annoying clouds that float up revealing your latest email, it’s subject, etc.) was honestly the day I became a more efficient worker.  I was no longer a slave to the constant stream of email pouring into my computer and brain.  Little Pink Book discusses email distraction (which account for up to 57% of work place interruption!!) and how to combat email distraction in this article.

One thing I always tell small business owners when speaking about social media or public relations, is the importance of letting customers and followers “peek behind the curtain” and get to know your business behind the scenes.  Fred Flare does a great job of this here via this Instagram image showing what things looked like over at their headquarters during the recent holiday shopping weekend. Check it out!

Confession:  this next “must read” has absolutely nothing to do with small business.  That said, I think staying mentally sane and having a laugh break a day is a necessity when in high pressure roles like we are as entrepreneurs.  Thus, I ask you to take a two minute break at some time today and watch this Chihuahua break it down to Gloria Estefan.  Enough said.