PR Challenge Group Meets Today - New Columns, New Pitches, So Much!


Hello Everyone,

It's been Two Tuesdays since the last PR Challenge Group Meeting, which means that we get to meet today! The PR Challenge is an Accountability Group Meeting, which means that if you aspire to pitch some big press, or make a social media score, this is where you are declaring it, and delivering on it!

This PR Challenge ends in August, and will start again in the Fall. If you have never been into a meeting, you can drop in anytime because you are a member. But remember, it's based in accountability, so committing to showing up is in your best interest! We want to hear from you on what your plans are, what you tried, and what happened!

Katie, co-founder of Tin Shingle, has new tips to share for our members based in health, beauty and food. She also has an accomplishment to share! Sierra Bailey of Manic Trout has an accomplishment to share of a new column in an accessories magazine. Follow along in the PR Challenge Community Board thread. You will find the link to join this video-based call also in that thread.

If pitching the press is your thing and you need some strength and guidance from the group, then the PR Challenge is for you. As a member of Tin Shingle, you are able to join in. Non-members are not eligible to participate. Join Tin Shingle today.