Case Study: VERG-Brooklyn Gets a New Pitch, Creates a Media Relationship & You Won't Believe What Happens Next!


How a PItch Whispered Pitch Worked for VERG

Tin Shingle member Maria Moss-Davidson of VERG-Brooklyn, a veterinary service group in Brooklyn, New York that's open 24-7 and offers animal care ranging from emergency services to oncology care for pets, recently used one of our Tin Shingle products and experienced great success. We love this success story because VERG's story illustrates that sometimes when you don't get exactly what you want, you can get something even more valuable instead.  Finally, the unreal coincidence that occurred at the end of this story is the cherry on top!  

The Situation: 
VERG-Brooklyn's own Dr. Brett Levitzke is not only an awesome and beloved vet, but he's also a regular expert on national television where he talks about all things animal health and safety.  VERG wanted to connect Dr. Levitzke and his expertise to even more national TV shows and their producers, and they wanted to do it using a specific tip based on an awesome idea sharing how pet owners can keep their animals safe by avoiding potential holiday dangers lurking around the house.  To make sure their pitch was spot-on copywriting wise and also going to help them accomplish their goals, they sent our Pitch Whisper team a copy of their pitch before they sent it to their media targets.

The Tin Shingle Effect: 
When Maria edited the VERG-Brooklyn pitch so it was not only done "right and tight" PR wise (proper copy, use of bullets, the correct way to reference Dr. Levitzke's past work with other TV shows) but it was also reviewed to be sure what the pitch was asking for was aligned with VERG's main goals.  The VERG team now not only had an edited pitch, but they had a model in that pitch for which they could base future pitches on!

Along with getting their pitch whispered, Maria also had access to some great buzz building podcasts and attended a member-only Tin Shingle #TuneUp (a live, online meet up) to keep herself not only informed on how best to work with the press, but also to keep herself pumped and motivated.

The Result:
We were all high-fiving each other across the Internet this week when Maria shared some great news with us - her pitch received a reply, and not a reply from just anyone a reply from one of the "big cheese" producers at a national news show who told her that though they had already done that specific topic, she was going to keep the doctor on file as an expert they can use on future segments.  Then, because she really knows how to keep a media relationship nurtured, Maria kept the conversation going with new pitches, using great PR-pro style layout and copy.  The producer replied back quickly and clearly, a new media relationship was now locked in. 

Here are our two fave quotes from Maria about the experience:

Maria Moss Davidson"The pitch whispering tips have worked wonders. [National News Outlet Name Redacted] just got back to me this morning. They’re interested in our story!! So excited!"

Maria also shared:

"Lots of emails, one phone call. One very nice person. In the end – no dice for this story. However, she really wants to use us in the future. She encouraged me to continue to send her pitches. I’m still super excited...It got my foot in the door! That’s all that matters. I also think being a part of Tin Shingle has helped me have more confidence to pitch the media. What have I got to lose? What’s the worst that can happen? I’m not scared! :)

The Coincidental Cherry on Top:
In a moment of crazy connections and coincidences that is even closer than a Kevin Bacon connection, VERG actually discovered that the producer's dog is a VERG patient!  This match was clearly written in the PR stars!

We're so proud and happy for VERG and their buzz building work!