Pitch Now: Story Ideas to Get you Press in July


The Fourth of July - a major July story-inspiration has passed, so what stories will remain hot through the end of the month, and attract media attention to your product, service or expertise?  Read on and learn small biz owners! 

Remember, some ideas may need to be tweaked a bit in order to most authentically work with your brand, and that's fine.  Just use these ideas as "Pitchspiration" as you craft your short lead pitches (to magazines, blogs, newspapers and radio) and you can't go wrong!

July is All about Focusing on the Family

Whether you are or not, much of America is on summer vacation right now.  This means that stories will have a big focus on the family.  Use this to your advantage if you can spin your product, service or expert tips into a related story.  Think reunions, road trips, travels, family gatherings and think of how your brand can fit into stories that focus on those things!

In a very specific way, the country is honoring family-specific celebrations and observations including: Family Reunion Month, National Black Family Month, National Child Centered Divorce Month and Family Golf Month (which can turn into stories for everyone from therapists and family counselors to fitness and golf coaches). 

Whether you choose to go the specific route and jump on a holiday or observation, or you choose to craft a story (solo or with other business owners) drawing attention to a family-focused story, you could just be sharing your story on air or in print!

Celebrating Summer Food

I don't know about you but all of this warm weather in July has made me forget (finally) the freezing winter we had around the United States (the one that seemed to last forever). Now that we are fully embracing summer around the country we're fully embracing and eating summer foods - and the media is talking about it!

Whether you're talking food or drink, the media love to listen because it's a sensory celebration and if you're on air with it there's a chance everyone involved is going home with a full belly!  Maybe you make products, maybe you're an expert who can weave food into your story - heck maybe you're going to band together with other small biz owners and pitch a an expert to do a picnic must-haves segment that includes summer food and other products (if you pull that off, that's some major advanced PR skills my friend) - however you bring it into a story, if you can bring it in, your story may be right on the mark for several short lead outlets.

Need some more summer food inspiration?  Eat this up! July is: National Grilling Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Horseradish Month, Nectarine Month, National Blueberries Month and more!  It also includes National Baby Food Week and an entire week dedicated to how awesome garlic is!  All of this Pitchspiration is getting us hungry!  Hungry for PRESS!  #GoGetIt!


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