Pitch Now: Story Angles You Should Be Pitching the Press in December


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Which in PR terms makes people think that now is the time for pitching holiday gift guides. The truth is, there are several other types of stories you could - and should - be pitching if you want to get press now ("short lead press) and in magazines that are working on stories that will run three to six months from now (long lead press).  To get your brain in gear, we're back with our monthly "Pitch Now" column.  The ideas below are 100% going to be used stories in multiple monthly magazines, and lining up your pitching ideas is a surefire way to increase your chances of being in those stories!

Marsala - Pantone Color of the Year for 2015
Every year Pantone decrees a color to be the color of the year and in 2015 it will be Marsala (check out our handy Marsala Collage above as a reference! Before you sigh and say "but I don't do fashion or beauty or art so this doesn't relate to me" please know that whether you are a product, service or expert you can make this work for you.  Sure, don't make it a stretch, but if you have any type of product, if you have tips on how to incorporate Marsala into your wardrobe, your dinner party, your home decor, you can spin yourself into this theme.

"New Years New You" Short Lead
Every year from December through the end of January, the media fixates on how to make your life better/happier/easier/healthier in what people in the PR business refer to as "New Year, New You" story ideas.  Your business can do this as well, if you can suggest products, tips, Apps, gadgets or ideas that will make viewers (for TV) and readers (websites, newspapers, blogs) more awesome.  Remember this type of story angle is "short lead" meaning it is for television, websites and blogs.  The monthly magazines are long done with this because they're now working on...

Spring - EVERYTHING! Fashion, Cleaning, Accessories, Health Tips, Recipes

That's right!  It may be freeeezing cold in much of the country at the moment but the long lead magazines are working three to six months ahead of us which means they're knee deep in spring stories! As a business owner who wants to get into those magazines it's your job to incorporate a spring theme into your emails and pitches if you want to up your chances of coverage.  Remember to get creative and think of what events/holidays/themes are going on in March, April and even May.  From spring fashion and design to spring cleaning to spring fitness and wellness tips.  Remember, families are also going on spring break so if you can find a way to make their trips better and easier, this could also be your time to shine!

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