On Oprah Admiration, Favorite Books, Success Secrets & our OUR Startup Story: Tin Shingle in the News


Secrets of Success

We never tire of reading about successful entrepreneurs and gaining bits of wisdom through their stories, their tips and other interesting tidbits of information they share.  This past week the script was flipped and we were able to share highlights from our own story when co-founder Sabina shared some personal insight into her small business journey as well as why we started Tin Shingle via an interview with Web.com's Small Business Forum.

This interview was especially special to Sabina because it was led by Rieva Lesonsky, a leader in the small business and entrepreneurship world who she has admired since college, long before she even knew that running her own business was an option! She is a small business advocate, journalist, best-selling author and is the former editorial director of Entrepreneur magazine, a position she held for 20+ years. In fact, Rieva's book Young Millionaires was one of the first seeds planted in Sabina's brain that eventually grew into as full grown passion for all things entrepreneurial. 

In this interview you'll find out:

  • What Sabina wanted to be when she grew up (which was not at all an entrepreneur)
  • Why we knew we had to create Tin Shingle
  • What the best business advice Sabina ever received was
  • What we think about the "us vs. them" mentality some business owners have
  • Some small biz predictions for the year
  • More!

Read the article HERE and share your own secrets to small biz success in the comments below!

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