The Only Mother’s Day Gift Guide You’ll Need & it’s Small Biz Strong!


Moms, like dads, have accepted all sorts of gifts from us through the years, from the DIY to the “DI-what?” and if your mom is anything like mine, each present was accepted gratefully (and without flinching).  Now that I’m all grown up I love discovering Mother’s Day presents that are gifts my mom will love as well as just being cool stuff in general.   In fact, I would be lying if I told you I didn’t buy a couple of these things the list below for myself while shopping for mom, and why not?  They’re all from small businesses which in mind qualifies as guilt-free shopping!

Whether your mom is a sucker for sweets or sweet intentions, our picks below have you covered.

Honey Rose and KHoney Rose & K for UpCycling Jewelry
Do you have grandma's brooch or does mom have her favorite great aunt's earrings lying around? Honey Rose & K will work with you to repurpose and “upcycle” these vintage family treasures into something modern and fabulous. This is a great way to breathe new life into pieces she loves that have been sitting in her jewelry box for years.


Flying Wish Paper Wishing Kits
I love gifts that create memories, and that is exactly what these Wishing Kits from Flying Wish Paper do. Created to celebrate, empower and inspire, the kits invite you to write a wish or intention on their special paper, light it, and watch your wish fly off into the heavens.  Each kit comes with 15 sheets of wish paper along with 5 launching platforms, which means you can even launch wishes together if you and mom are nearby, or pick a date that you can both launch your wishes from your respective hometowns on the same evening!  Write it, light it and watch it fly!


Barefoot and ChocolateBarefoot & Chocolate
If your mom has a sweet tooth look no further! Barefoot & Chocolate is home to lip-smacking, Fair Trade chocolate spreads made with sustainable, honest ingredients and guaranteed to leave mom with a buzz that only amazing chocolate can give you.  These spreads are perfect for everything from crepes to fruit dipping though I also highly suggest renting a movie, grabbing a spoon for you and mom and going to town! Choose between their Hazelnut and Almond Coconut or buy mom both and let her pick her favorite!


My Other Bag - Designer Inspired Totes
Mom doesn't always want to take her leather handbag to the gym, supermarket and the beach, so snag her an equally cool (people are going to stop her and ask her where she got it) yet considerably less pricy My Other Bag? Retailing at $25-$55, these designer-inspired reusable totes are perfect gifts for mom! And they are printed with vegetable ink so they are eco friendly too.


Yoola Designs DIYYoola Designs DIY Jewelry Kits from designer Yael Falik
Do you have a crafty mom or one who aspires to be a “creator” of things she can actually use and wear?  Perhaps your mom already has a creative streak, or simply a love of stunning jewelry.  If any of these things describe your mom than you’ll want to snag her a DIY Jewelry Kit from designer Yael Falik of Yoola Designs, who after selling her line of unique, hand-wired crocheted jewelry (gold filled, silver and copper) is now making it possible for anyone with a crafty heart and soul or a desire to dip their toe in the world of jewelry making to create their own.  Her DIY Crafting Kits, patterns and tools are a perfect, no experience necessary find for mom and if you think she wants to cut to the chase without any work on her end, be sure you check out her finished products on her site as well.


Does your mom enjoy having a lot of options?  How would she feel about having a lot of clothing options without taking up a lot of closet space?  It’s time she meet HipKnoties.  Quite simply, it’s one outfit that can be worn over 30 different ways.  It can also be folded up and packed in the smallest of carry-ons, slips on and off easily, comes in a rainbow’s variety of colors and works with every body type!  Don’t want to miss out on HipKnoties in your own closet?  Order a three-pack and give one to mom,  save one for yourself and gift one to a lucky gal in your life!  What’s not to love?


Mombomb Happy Home Stationery
As a company, Mombomb had me at their name alone, which they define as “a woman who is filled with energy and enthusiasm for all that she loves”.  They clearly know their moms (and what mom likes).  We’ve got two picks from their collection in this year’s gift guide, the first being their Happy Home stationery, the designs of which are a collaboration from three different moms which means you have a range of style options to choose from, though each design is eye-catching and beautiful.  Grab some for your mom (and some for yourself) and begin a letter writing tradition between the two of you!


Little Gifts for all the Mom’s in your Life

We created this category in our gift guide so you can stock up on small tokens of love, recognition, and “you go Mom” gifts for all the friends and family in your life who are moms themselves.  They’re all affordable as well as useful, because mom has no room in her life for things that don’t make it better or more enjoyable!

Mombomb Candles
Another gem from the mombomb team, these sassy candles come in tins that are decorated with phrases like “Quit Blaming the Dog” and “Stinky Kids Everywhere” along with a few even feistier phrases we’ll let you discover for your own on the site.   With scents including vanilla and kiwi mom will be able to mask any unknown scent in her home while getting a little laugh in at the same time.

Purely You Minerals
Leave the stickiness to your kid’s fingers and not your makeup!  We kid you not, this makeup will blow your mind (and the minds of all the Moms you gift it to).  Created by a mom herself, Purely You’s color palette, ingredients and ability to create perfect, stickiness-free lip glosses will earn you brownie points when you gift them!

Perfect Beauty Tweezers
Another small gift that will make a big difference in mom’s life.  Who has time to sit and get her brows done in a salon?  Snag this mini-Mother’s Day gift for the many mom’s in your life (and pick out a style that suits her personality) and she’ll have the power of perfect beauty in her hands to use whenever she can squeeze in some “me time”.  Bonus points: these tweezers are the favorites of Lupita Nyongo’s makeup artist as well, which means you’re giving mom the star treatment!