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Back by popular demand, Editorial Calendars are now in your PR Center with your subscription membership to Tin Shingle! We have offered Editorial Calendars for years, yet took a hiatus as we re-systemized how we gathered them for you. There are quite a few publications in the the PR Center now, and more are being added weekly!

What Are Editorial Calendars?

Only some of the best idea generators ever! You know when you are relaxing on a Sunday, reading magazines, and you see the Inc. 500 issue, or the Women to Watch issue of your favorite magazine, and you think "Dang it! I wish I knew when they were putting that together! I should have submitted!" Well now you have the heads up - via an Editorial Calendar. Magazines put them together so that they know the theme of each magazine each month, and how the stories will fit together.

This is also a heads up to the advertising department so that they can approach the best fits for advertisers for that month. These can include special inserts and, big page fold-outs, and print opportunities for certain magazines. We know that you pitch the press for PR, but that you also may pay for advertising. Included in these editorial calendars are special promotional opportunities as well.

What Does an Editorial Calendar Say?

Be ready to experience a ton of ideas flying around your head when you browse through our collection. A story idea in an Editorial Calendar in Tin Shingle's PR Center will read something like this:


It's back to campus time! Cosmo has all the denim trends and all the ways she can make them her own. And with tips and tricks for rocking the hottest fashion and beauty trends, she'll own the scene, on the town or on the beach.
Submission Deadline: 5/24/16
Newsstand Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The Fall Entertainment Guide. Special Section: Fall Television Preview; Fall Reading List; The Esquire Fitness Challenge
Submission Deadline: 5/10/16
Newsstand Date: Tuesday, July 5, 2016

So Two Things...Timing and Search by Relevance!

As you can see, those are two pretty sweet issues coming up at Cosmopolitan and Esquire. And their deadlines are approaching fast! You'll also note that the newsstand date is quite later than the submission deadline date. That is because national print magazines work 3-6 months in advance. So you really want to get up on this.

In your PR Center, you will be able to search by title of a magazine, and also by category, like "Aging" or "BFFs" or "Amazon TV" or "Vacation"

Have Fun! Where to Find Editorial Calendars

If you activated your member subscription, you'll have a special navigation at the top of the website. Click on PR Center, as shown below. If you are subscribed to Tin Shingle's free newsletter, and think you are a member but don't see the PR Center shown below, then you actually need to upgrade your subscription! It's easy, just click here to pick a commitment-free payment plan.

Editorial Calendars found instantly in your PR Center