Next TuneUp: Email Marketing Tips That Make it Work


Hot off the heels of my live mini-TuneUp to a group of women in business, I've devoted this week’s TuneUp to a continuation of that presentation to dig in deep to face and bust through your fears about sending an email to your newsletter list. After listening to this TuneUp, you'll be pressing SEND on a dynamite looking newsletter that not only looks great, but encourages and trains your customers in what and how to buy from you.


  • Why email marketing works with your social media efforts to seal the deal and trigger someone to buy from you.
  • How to stand out without being obnoxious.
  • What the best times of the day and week are to send to your list.
  • How to not be one of 100 emails that get mass deleted daily.
  • Watch Katie use design tools in MailChimp that you can use too!
  • Coordinated - is this even possible with everything you have to market?
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