#NewsRoundUp: Fast Company Changes Social Media Convos, Shark Tank, iPhone Secrets & More


We find the must-know news to maximize your big ideas.  Read on!

Fast Company Co-Create will Change the Way You Do Social:
Posting alone - even having conversations - are no longer enough if you want your social media to make an impact.  Why? Let's face it: the world of social media has changed dramatically, the platforms are flooded with "noise" and there's something people and your customers want more than just posts.  They want to feel like you fit into their lives, their narratives. They want familiarity.  They want you to engage with their identity. Read this post by anthropologist Dr. Bob Deutsch and you'll instantly change how you think about the way you speak "socially".

Is Angry Birds Taking Up All Your iPhone Space?
Before you decide to change your smartphone plan or spent hours trying to figure out how your memory on your phone is full even though you've deleted every single photo in your library (oh yes, I've been there too) read this amazing and easy-to-follow post from the Huffington Post's Kerry Flynn who walks you through 10 Easy Ways to Free Up A Lot of Space on Your iPhone.

This Dental Office Uses The Web, Apps & Social in Awesom Ways
There is never a lack of articles about how product and creative companies use social media, SEO, apps, reviews and more to grow their brands, but when was the last time your work on with these tools and platforms was inspired by a dental office?  Well today's the day!  Meet Murry & Kuhn Family Dental Practice and find out what they're doing to pull not just teeth, but traffic as well, via this quick and fascinating Inc. Magazine article!

For the Shark Tank Fans, Fanatics & Future Contestants: Read This
I'll admit it: I'm addicted to Shark Tank.  I actually watch it while doing sit ups or mass deleting emails - two tasks that I need to be distracted from. I tried to resist the show with a massive following for years, but after one episode I was hooked. I know I'm not alone and that's why this inside scoop featuring the two of the shows co-hosts (Daymond John and Mark Cuban) is in today's #NewsRoundUp.  It covers everything from behind the scenes scoop to tips on pitching your business onto the show!  Now that's a deal I'll get behind!