#NewsRoundUp: Guerilla Marketing Teenagers, 5-Figure Website Sales, Yes, Focus is Hard and more!


We find the must-know news to maximize your big ideas.  Read on!

AM New York - Dylan Chenfeld's 'I Met God, She's Black' T-shirt

High school student Dylan Chenfield used guerilla marketing techniques to create huge, free press that catapulted his t-shirt idea into naitonal press and onto celebrities.  When you read about what he did you may steal his idea!



Twitter Chat Queen Chelsea Krost on Milennial Marketing as Featured in Upstart Business Journal

"Twitter Chat Queen" and millenial expert Chelsea Krost recently did an interview on the changing face of marketing and Twitter. This article is awesome.  Period.  No matter what your biz does or who your customers are, read this, absorb her insight, and build buzz accordingly!


Grace Kim on Arise Entertainment 360

We wanted you to see this video to see how a blog/website/expert can work it on TV.  Learn from not only the type of tips that landed Grace of the Lean Girls Club this press story but watch and learn fro how she delivers her story and tips on camera - this is now an expert segment is done right!


Danielle LaPorte on How to Love the Inevitable Pain of Getting Focused

Truth bomb alert: It's really hard to be focused, even when you love what you do for a living!  We're happy that author, speaker and badass Danielle LaPorte wrote about that feeling and shared insight into how we all can work through those periods!



Ship Your enemies Glitter girl sells company for 85K

When 22 year old Mathew Carpenter created a website that enabled you to ship glitter to your enemies a lot happened: the joke became nearly impossible to keep up with sales and buzz-wise. But wait there's more: he just sold the site for $85,000.  This story is worth the read!