News About Membership Levels for Tin Shinglers



Tin Shingle has been helping thousands of small businesses for eight years with our original content based on your questions and experiences. Hundreds of businesses have received even more help through Tin Shingle via our membership program, of which you are a member.

During this time, the price of membership and offerings have changed, as we test pricing models and product offerings. In the next coming weeks, we are introducing a new pricing model that lets members shift in and out of tools that they use in Tin Shingle. We have watched members use Tin Shingle in so many different ways, and even ask for services that we do not yet offer. So with the new changes, we hope to add flexibility and value to you.

Before you learn how the levels will work, know this:

Memberships started a membership now will have locked in their membership rate. You can see our Membership Join page to see the current rate. Your price will not change. You are grandfathered into that rate. If you are a Tin Shingler currently, your price will not change, as long as your membership is active and billing credit card have been updated.

Glimpse Into New Tiered Membership Model
There will be a few levels of membership that will look like this:

Community + Content (Level 1): Hooking into the Community Boards and PR Challenge to talk to like-minded entrepreneurs and marketers to get feedback in a safe space. Authorship on Tin Shingle's Publisher Platform, letting you add your business to our public Business Directory, Shopping Guides, Press Portfolio, and Small Business Diaries.

TuneUp Training Video Sessions (Level 2): The above, plus unlimited access to stream the TuneUps whenever you need them.

Media Contacts and Editorial Calendars (Level 3): The above, plus access to Tin Shingle's databases of Media Contacts and Editorial Calendars.

Personal Training: There will be Personal Training Sessions available in several areas, from curating your Tin Shingle experience by customizing TuneUp Playlists for you, to direct consulting in social media, design and PR.

More to come, but know that the change will be unveiled in a few weeks. If you have been on the fence about joining, now is the time to become a Tin Shingler!