New Template Ready! 2017 Blog Planning & Production Calendar


Happy New Year!

This is the year of your business blog - to educate your clients & customers.

Guys - this is the year you are harnessing the power of Google, and the power of controlling your message to your clients and customers. As Facebook tightens the squeeze on how your reach your people - limiting the views of your posts to bigger dollars - you need to take control now and give your clients and customers the most compelling information about why they should hire you. How do you do that?

The blog on your website!

Especially if you have a Squarespace, Wix or other DIY type of website, turning on your blog is very easy. All you need content ideas. You need reasons to blog. You need a kick in the pants to publish that article - and do it again the following week.

You need a calendar to plan ahead and know what/when you are publishing!

Tin Shingle's Blog Planning and Production Calendar lets you easily declare to yourself and/or your team when you are publishing what article. Loaded with over 250 national holidays and days that you could fall back on should you need a trendy idea.

2017 Blog Planning and Production Calendar

12 Months + 365 Days + Over 250 Content Ideas

Oh yes...If organizing is not your thing, that's OK because it's our thing. Tin Shingle organized your promotional life for you. All you need to do is show up.

Write, Publish, Share.

Customers and clients crawl all over your website, learning the most they can about your business before they buy. Your website is your sales agent in the field. Arm it with juicy information about why what you offer is so great, to help people buy from you.


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