NEW: Community Boards Get New Boards For Members Including Press Release Workshop and Introductions


Tin Shingle's Community Boards are the focus of a few breaths of fresh air and makeovers this week, from the production team of Tin Shingle. Design changes have descended upon the dedicated newsletter that members get, announcing new conversations and updates to existing ones, as well as restructures to the boards themselves. Members now have four major types of Boards to communicate in:

Guidelines & Account Help

Our most popular thread has been the Pitch Workshop, where members can submit their hopeful pitches to the media before they send them. Fellow members from the community chime in with useful feedback and their impressions. Results have been astounding, with major clarity given to pitches that were going un-addressed before. So popular was this board, that Press Releases were also getting submitted here. So we created a new Workshop board dedicated to Press Releases so that everyone is clear on what type of email it will be - a pitch or a press release.

As for Feedback, this is all the rest of the boards members want feedback on, such as Advertising, PR, SEO, Connecting and Growing, and so on. Inside of these boards, members now have a dedicated area to Introduce themselves, in the new "Introductions" board. Members are encouraged to say hi, and also to share what their goals are and why they joined Tin Shingle. The more members share, the more everyone knows what they want, and the foundation is created for how they will succeed here.

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