Need Graphic Design Work? Hire a Person Over a Template


Que the the Meatloaf song:

"STOP RIGHT THERE! I GOT TO KNOW RIGHT NOW! Before we go any further..."

Do you love your brand? Do you love your vision of your logo? Then stop and think about what you'd like your logo or other branded visual materials to portray about you. To produce this graphic art, you could go to a template factory to churn out a design for a pittance. This *could* work for certain, very specific projects that involve no strategic vision whatsoever. And if you're thinking that you don't need your designer to offer any strategic vision, you'd probably be surprised and what he or she may ask you in the Discovery Phase of your project, that sheds valuable light on the direction of your design.

Kimberly SchwedeTin Shingle Member Kimberly Schwede, founder and lead designer behind Kimberly Schwede Graphic Design & Illustration, pointed out as part of our Facebook Business Tip series, that the main reason why you should hire a person like her, vs "crowdsourcing" to a template design factory, is that you are hiring a strategist to work with you on your vision. Says Kimberly: "An experienced designer will engage in many conversations with you before the design phase, to learn objectives."

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