Motivation Mix Mondays: Kevin Thompson of The Wendy Williams Show


Kevin Thompson, entertainer for The Wendy Williams Show

If you’ve ever been to a live television show taping you already know this, but if you haven’t I’ll let you in on a secret:  beyond the host of the show, there is always another powerful and energizing person involved…The team member put to task to warming up and motivating the audience, keeping that audience on their feet, excited and involved in the (often lengthy) taping from start to finish.  Our PR team recently saw this phenomenon in action when we went to a taping of The Wendy Williams Show, and I say phenomenon without any hesitation.  

Wendy’s “opening act” is none other than Kevin Thompson, an entertainer that you only need to be around five minutes to begin wishing he could come to your office and start every day off with a song, dance and his contagious spirit.  True story: the executive producers at Wendy Williams didn’t actually want an opener, but Kevin took the mic once to show them what he can do, and he’s been there ever since.  Kevin is made for the stage and is an entertainer entrepreneur in his own right!  As any good entrepreneur does, we hunted him down and asked him to share what tunes help him do what he does so well, and he obliged.  Check out Kevin’s mix below and follow him on Facebook (or visit him at the Wendy Williams show)!

Kevin listens to music before he hosts any event or does the warm up for the Wendy Williams Show. It puts him in a silly mood and helps shake his nerves (he’s ALWAYS nervous).   

The Cure & The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Remix) - Fish Go Deep
Dancing to this song makes me feel like a female. It's the only song that has that affect on me.

Grove St. Party - Wacka Flocka Flame
Southern music gets me in an aggressive fun mood...just what I need before I warm up a Wendy Williams crowd.

Danza Kuduro - Don Omar & Lucenzo
Spicy, sexy & fun. My favorite song to lead line dances to at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

Move Your Feet - Junior Senior
My 6-year old nieces favorite song to dance to on 'Lets Dance.' I think about her every time it's on (and she's my twin sisters baby, so I feel like she's mine).

Raging Bull - Mr. Vegas & Overmars
Jamaican rhythm flows through my blood, and this song can turn an "ok" party into a crazy one.

Run This Town - Lil' Wayne
Whether I’m hosting an event at the Waldorf, Yankee Stadium or a college, I like to think of myself as the coolest guy in the room. Lil' Wayne exemplifies that to the MAX.

Love Dancing - Meritol Family
Whenever I get booked for a new event I celebrate by turning on this Dance Hall song & going crazy.

Strip - Chris Brown & Kevin McCall
This is a fun & sexual song, 2 things I like to bring to the Wendy Williams Show during my warm up bit.

Hosanna - Kirk Franklin
I grew up in the church, & Kirk Franklin was the MAN growing up.

Holla At Me - Chris Brown
This is a party song that dancers can only freestyle to, making it the perfect song to pump me up when I need it.