Motivation Mix Monday: Micah Jesse, Celebrity Blogger & Media Celeb Mans the Decks


Normally our Motivation Mix Monday DJ's are hot entrepreneurs or media's finest, so you can imagine how excited we were to get a combo deal!  Presenting this week's guest DJ on the Motivation Mix turntables: Micah Jesse.  If you work with the media, especially the celebrity media in any way, OR if you are like many of us who love reading about celebrity & entertainment news and gossip, you know Micah

Not only is his eponymous website ( which he started approximately four years ago a hot commodity but so is Micah Jesse himself, who regularly serves as an on-air expert on all things Hollywood.  What we love about him, beyond the juicy scoop he dishes up daily, is that he created his dream brand the old fashioned way - hard work, hustling, connecting, serving as his own best publicist....and all the other things that make a great entrepreneur!

So how did he power his way into the spotlight and how does he keep up the pace that's help him spread his brand from NYC to LA to ATL?  Perhaps his choice of songs has a little bit to do with it.....

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Keep on Singing my Song > Christina Aguilera
This song is about not letting bad things happening around you get you down and recognizing your blessings. Plus, Christina's vocals are crazy on here!

T.G.I.F. (Last Friday Night) >  Katy Perry
This song is just so fun and can make me dance every time its on. It's a great party song!

Nobody's Perfect > Jessie J
This song is about admitting when you're wrong and treating people like you want to be treated. Both great messages.

Yeah! > Usher
Being born and raised in "the A" (or Atlanta) has inevitably made me an Usher fan. I'm in love with almost all of his songs but this one takes the cake any day! The second it comes on I turn into a full blown dancing machine!

Everything Is Everything > Lauryn Hill
This song is about recognizing that "what is meant to be will be." Its a great positive message to remind yourself that things happen for a reason.

What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) > Kelly Clarkson
This is one of the most empowering songs on the radio right now. Despite having an incredible upbeat tempo that makes you want to dance, the message is clear: what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger! I love listening to this song on the treadmill when I'm going 8 MPH +.

Need You Now > Lady Antebellum
This song is just SO good! It's got such a great beat and such heartfelt vocals.

Soar > Christina Aguilera
This song is about loving yourself despite hardship which is a very important message to me! Christina's vocals on this track are incredible!

A Moment Like This > Kelly Clarkson
Okay, call me cheesy, but I am in love with this song! If you watched "American Idol" Season 1 you saw Kelly take home the title of the 1st "American Idol" but the message of the song lives on: to really live and relish in a big moment in your life. It's inspiring and so heartfelt!

Give Me Everything > Pitbull
Not only is this song one of the best dance songs of our generation but it also starts with a great message about turning every negative into a positive. I feel like it screams, "shake the pain away and just dance!"

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