Motivation Mix Monday: Member Mash Up! Tunes Pro-PRENEURS Use to Keep Going!


Music is a powerful thing.  Just like athletes gear up for big sporting events by playing certain songs, entrepreneurs often gear up for their days and weeks with specific songs that make them feel extra motivated, positive, pumped and unstoppable.  Every Monday we bring you a new "guest DJ" on the Motivation Mix Monday decks who shares his or her motivation set list.  This week as a special treat we're presenting our first "Member Mash Up", sharing some of our very own Tin Shingle members and the songs that help them carry on.  Perhaps some are similar to yours, perhaps you'll discover a few new tunes to add to your Monday morning set list. Get to know them below!

As entrepreneurs we are often marching to the beat of our own drummer or a one man (or woman) band, and that can take a lot of energy, faith, hope and motivation.  So use these tunes as an extra injection of just that, and when all else seems to be bringing you down, take a break and as Gaga would say....Just Dance!

PLAYLIST of Tin Shingle MEMBERS, featuring......

Dawn Del Russo of Stylist, founder of Bella Dawn Boutique & On-Air Fashion & Lifestyle Expert. Tweet with her HERE!
(Editor note: phew! with all Dawn does she needs a few songs to keep going!)

1. Circus > Britney Spears
I know it's Britney, but the lyrics just get me every time: "There's only two types of people in the world The ones that entertain and the ones that observe, Well baby, I'm a put-on-a-show kind of girl, Don't like the backseat, gotta be first."

. Sun is Up > Inna

It totally puts me in a good mood and gets me energized for the day.

3. Here I am > David Morales
One of those songs that makes me feel happy, and helps me visualize my next steps.

Sarah Kaplan, co-founder of Footzyrolls (the rollable shoe).  Follow Footzyrolls on Twitter HERE!

4. Dynamite > Taio Cruz
I get motivated when I hear the song because the words and the beat of the music inspire me to keep going and get excited to be Dynamite in my day!!

Kim Washam, founder of Kimmie W. Photography (from headshots to holiday cards, this girl has the gift!). Find Kim on Facebook HERE!

5. Take me Home Country Road > Toots and The Maytals

The reggae beat gives me a feeling of the islands. A 3 minute vacation to Jamaica.... 

Wendy Armbruster Bell, founder of Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear, check them out on Facebook HERE!

6. Fly Away > Lenny Kravitz 
Because I can't help but sing along which gets my toes tapping, my hips swaying and my blood pumping! 

Katie Danziger, founder of Nomie Baby (home of products that make parent's lives easier).  Find them on Facebook HERE!

7. Forget You (or F#@$% you!) > Cee Lo Green's
This always gets me going and makes me smile!

Emily Blumenthal, founder of HandbagDesigner101, Author of Handbag Designer 101, offical blogger for Bravo's Project Accessories, mom....Follow her tweets HERE!
(Editor's note: Okay now her song makes sense).

8. I can’t get no sleep > Faithless
Listen to the track and you will understand it.  The crescendo is enough to keep you going and remind you to stay awake since you probably didn’t sleep anyway.

Sophie Gold, Sassy, Supernova Coach and contributing writer for the Huffington Post, she offers a variety of programs, products and resources to help you become rich in every sense of the word, no matter where you're starting from.  Find her online HERE!

Sophie's picks are a great way to wrap this Monday's mix....

9. Run the World (Girls) > Beyonce

10. Fly > Nicki Minaj featuring Rihanna

11. Stand Up > Jessie J

12. Greatest Day > Take That