Motivation Mix Monday: Erica Nicole of Young, Fabulous & Self Employed


Erica is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist  and founder/Editor-in-Chief of Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed Magazine who embodies exactly what her online magazine is named, she's young, self-employed and fabulous.  And clearly a busy woman (read more about what keeps Erica busy HERE).  We love a 'prenuer who appreciates and celebrates entrepreneurship and those who are early starters. 

Like many entrepreneurs, Erica relies on music to keep her making fabulous & self-employed things happen. Of her turntable style she says: "My music taste is eclectic – to say the least. You’ll find me rockin’ out to Alanis, belting out Luciano Pavarotti and then tilting my hat, swaying to Jay-Z. Life is about exploration and curating – so you have to mix it up!"

Playlist of Guest DJ Erica Nicole, Founder + EIC of YFS Magazine

Love Today > Mika
“Everybody's gonna love today,” clever beat – all we need is love - it’s chic.

Rolling in the Deep > Adele
The beat… I love this beat. Not to mention, it’s a girl power anthem.

That’s Not My Name >The Ting Tings
This song is really fun, it’s brazen and in your face.

Crazy (James Michael Mix) > Alanis Morrisette
I’m a serial entrepreneur – hence a little crazy (i.e. mad genius)  – it’s a prerequisite, so I can relate.

You’ve Got the Love > Florence + The Machine
Don’t give up. It’s for those days when you are seriously underwhelmed; in need of inspiration and lots of Green Tea.

Perfect Day > Hoku
It’s for those moments, when you’re ready to take over the world; “show them how valuable Elle Woods can be!” Lol

Rigoletto: La Donna E Mobile > Luciano Pavarroti
Checkmate! You’ve just closed a game-changing business deal – this is what you should be listening to…

Empire State of Mind > Jay-Z
“I can make it anywhere, yeah they love me everywhere,” it’s for the admittedly narcissistic moments.

What You Waiting For > Gwen Stefani
When you just don’t feel like it – a song about the song writing (creative) process – “groundbreaking, … sigh.” But it’s a great song.

Jetsetter > Morningwood
All of the traveling is fun but there’s nothing like home; for the jet set world citizens out there…

I Got the World on a String > Frank Sinatra
It’s a feel good song – when everything’s going your way…

Jump > Madonna
Reminds me of the “now or never” moments – it’s fearless, get out of my way, take a picture “it lasts longer” days.

Shine > Bond
Four girls rockin’ out – an Australian/British string quartet that makes classical crossover really fabulous.

C'est si bon > Eartha Kitt
English translation, “It’s so good.” Need I say more…

Eye of the Tiger > Survivor

“Hangin’ tough, stayin’ hungry.” An oldie but, a goodie. who doesn’t love Rocky? This gets me pumped!