Mother's Day Gift Ideas #SmallBizChicago Style


Chicago is a pretty cool place, and we wanted to know what the hipster moms wanted for Mother's Day (in addition to our national gift guide). So we checked with my sister, Kimberly McClain, a hip new mom who lives in Chicago, and here's what she wants: subscriptions, classes and projects:

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Chicago Reklaimed WoodWindow Box Making Class & Flowers (with roots, not cut ones)
I typically use Mothers Day as an excuse to buy flowers for my yard. Kim had just built a table using reclaimed wood from Chicago's Rebuilding Exchange.

So I figured that moms might like to make a flower box/rooftop garden plot from that reclaimed wood, and buy flowers from the big local outside market in Chicago, Green City Farmers Market. Sure enough, Kim knew that Rebuilding Exchange was hosting a Mother's Day class in making window boxes! Perfect!



Green Market Farmers MarketGreen City Market Cookbook
Pair the gift above with something from Green City Farmers Market, one of Chicago's most popular farmer's markets and in the heart of Lincoln Park. We've been told that you can buy gift cards that can be used anywhere in the market.

Or, you could give The Green City Market Cookbook for recipe ideas sourced locally.



Drink Deck ChicagoA Deck of Cards That You Can Eat & Drink!
Get Mom a deck of cards - each card features a locally owned restaurant in the city. Each card is good for $10 off the meal from restaurants you may not have known about or tried yet.  The deck is good for a year. Says Kim: "When I got my first deck, I think I went through about 30 cards - that's 30 new restaurants I checked out in a year. Ah, life before a baby." But it doesn't stop there - they now have a Drink Deck equivalent - buy one get one free for every card - all locally owned bars. Just $20! And they aren't just in Chicago, but are in several cities! Even London!

InstacartSubscription Local Grocery Delivery Service. AWESOME.
Instacart: a membership to local delivery of groceries. It's an app and connected to all of the local grocery stores: Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Cosco (and you don't need a membership to Cosco!) You can order 150 diapers and it's on your doorstep in an hour. Really good prices. And, Instacart is in several other cities!