Member Updates: Is Your Logo in the Meet Our Members Section?


Two updates for Tin Shingle members regarding how their brands are being promoted on the Tin Shingle website. We're also addressing how members can access their free classes with their all-access .EDU pass:


We have created a new website page for all of our readers to see that displays the logos of all Tin Shingle members. It lives in our new designated Member promotion area in the top navigation called "MEET OUR MEMBERS". Is your logo there?

To add your logo, make sure you've created your Business Profile in your account and that you've uploaded your logo. From this page, you will also add your business to Tin Shingle's publicly searchable Business Directory.

Once people read about your company, they will want to read about the founder. So be sure you fill out the Personal Profile as well, and use your headshot. Don't have a headshot? You can use a selfie! Or read this article on how to take a headshot at home. If you are the super-star administrator of your Tin Shingle account on behalf of your boss or client, pulling the levers behind the scenes, consider putting the photo of the founder of the company in the Personal Profile area.

For help on creating your business profile, email or click here to our Help page.

As a member of Tin Shingle, you get an all-access pass to the classes in our .EDU section. This includes podcasts, video, and any live class that is scheduled. But you need to check out with a class (or classes) first through the shopping cart. When you are logged in, the price will be $0. Once you finish checking out, the podcasts and videos will live in your Education Center in MY VIDEO CLASSES and MY PODCAST CLASSES.

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