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Because we are a community of business creators, marketers and makers, we get first access to great products. Look around you at these Tin Shingle Members. There are some amazing products and services here. Hold Your Haunches was a member years before their famous appearance on Shark Tank. Hudson Henry Granola was a member before Kathy Lee Gifford held her bag of granola up on the Today Show (which prompted founder Hope to redesign her packaging because on it, she literally printed her wish of getting onto the Today Show onto the back of the bags).

Now we are witnessing a new product that is undiscovered, and might possibly change an industry. Andi Doupli from Srirachas, a yoga pant company, submitted a draft of a pitch to Tin Shingle's Pitch Whisperer Workshop after sending to a blogger she hoped to send samples to. She's been trying, but getting no responses for editorial. Here's the thing with her pitch, and with her website in general: it's not seizing on the most important selling point of her yoga pant.

It is not using the built in hook that is so obvious, but isn't being said or shown in pictures:

Srirachas yoga pants are designed for women to have sex in, without taking off the yoga pant.

Read her pitch, and see what kind of feedback you will give her in Tin Shingle's member-only Community Boards. This is one brand that could turn around real quick if the right blogger or editor picked it up! That isn't to say that is the only thing that can make or break these yoga pants. Social media is going to be key to this brand. Lots of work, but wow, to be at the top of this niche is hugely important, especially if knock-offs come around!

Take a look at Andi's pitch here.

And don't be a secret! This is a reminder to you to list your business in the Business Directory, because the public and the media look through Tin Shingle's Shopping Guides and Business Directory daily looking for businesses like yours. Don't be undiscovered on Tin Shingle! Start here at your Member Center.


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Karen Halfpop
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Instagram for Business [UPDATED]

"Hi Tin Shinglers,

I just ran across this article about the benefits of switching your Instagram account to a business account. I'm going to give it a try and see if it helps. Not sure if anyone has any experience with this but thought I would share."

Tricia Bertrand Writes:
I am waiting and waiting before switching to a business account. Facebook did this to us and got us all excited about business accounts and then made it so we had to pay to get anyone to see our pages. I fear Instagram will do the same. My business is too small to compete like that.