Member Spotlight: Jenny Greer and Erin Bickley


The founders of the miracle tight-butt pant, Hold Your Haunches, Jenny Greer and Erin Bickley are two busy stay at home moms in Macon, GA wrestling 3 kids apiece, a gaggle of pets (not including their husbands) all the while trying to fit in hobbies, friends and community.

Their dream started when Erin could barely make it through an exercise class for worrying about her jiggly behind (we're sure it wasn't that bad!). Upon discussing the concern with her close friend Jenny, it was discovered that she, too, had experienced similar distress. When the leggings craze enveloped the nation, both moms were left feeling like two fashion lovers forever sidelined by childbirth, reality tv and margaritas.

But not for long. Mothers tend to solve problems, and that's exactly what these women did, turning themselves into southern mompreneurs. Not ones to be left “behind”, they  designed the perfect pant to make tight-tushes, even if you do have a little jiggle (and hey - isn't a little jiggle a little sexy?). Made of a gorgeous black supplex fabric, this wardrobe staple has the finest of compression garments sewn beautifully and comfortably underneath. So, in these hot pants, you can walk down the street and arrive to your exercise already looking super cute and worked-out! Get some!