Media Contacts Updated: Crain's and Chronogram


Hello Tin Shinglers!

The following media outlets were updated to Tin Shingle's Media Contact lists:

Crain's Chicago Business
Crain's New York Business
Crain's Cleveland Business
Chronogram - Hudson Valley, NY

Remember these tips as you are researching for the right person at a media outlet:

  • Check the media contact's Twitter and/or LinkedIn to make sure it's relavent. Changes happen so quickly.
  • Record the name and email into your Media Tracking Sheet Template that you got from Tin Shingle.
  • Get Inspired by other names you see in the list. You may not have known a Books Editor was at a publication until you skim through the list.
  • Read the Publication. Really. I know some outlet is your goal, but if you've not watched it or read it in several months, then you've lost the flow of it, and won't write a very good pitch that makes your product a no-brainer for them to cover.