The Love Affair Continues...Tin Shingle Talks Entrepreneurship & Offices on the LiquidSpace Blog Series


You may recall a few months ago I professed my love for my home office "mistress", LiquidSpace. I won't re-hash the many reasons I love this on demand workspace innovation here, beyond saying that wherever you are in the country, whether you work from home, travel for work or just need a change of scenery and a fresh business environment from time-to-time, it's time you get on the LiquidSpace train.

What began as a post on this very Tin Shingle blog has now come full circle, as I recently shared my thoughts on entrepreneurship, community,   advice to new business owners and of course, my crush on LiquidSpace in this interview.  In fact, this is the debut article in their new series spotlighting their guests.

Click on the yours truly below and read the interview!