Let The Royals (Will & Kate) Build Buzz for Your Brand...Here's How


If you live in America and have turned on your television or looked at the Internet over the past week you know this: The Royals are here - and they're swiftly occupying every news feed as reporter after reporter, blogger after blogger and everyone try to keep up with the country's demand for "royal scoop".  Though some stories are directly based on what Will and Kate are up to (wrapping newspaper, visiting the President, watching a Brooklyn Nets game, meeting Queen B AKA Beyonce), several others are an attempt to keep the royals in the press by running a story that is slightly related to the royals.  In other words, they're going to bring on experts, stylists, editors and more to talk any and all things Will and Katie while the topic is still hot.

This is where you come in dear business owner.  If you want the chance to get your business or yourself mentioned in the press, if you want to boost your website traffic by talking about a highly searched topic, if you want to give people in your social feeds and those who read your blog something to get excited about, you're going to get up on this hot topic!  How do you do this if you're not besties with the dynamic duo from the UK?  You find some story angle you can pitch or blog/tweet/Facebook/Instagram you can post that ties you, your skills and your business into a royals-inspired story.  Keeping up with and focusing on hot topics like this when you can find an authentic connection, is an essential component when trying to keep people buzzing about your business.  To get you started, we've come up with a few ideas of our own:

Etiquette Experts: Chime in with your tips about whether or not LeBron and other Americans (including the overzealous wrapping paper lady) followed the correct royal protocol when meeting Will and Kate.

Speaking of Wrapping Paper Lady, Wrapping Paper Experts: I bet you can create a blog post, social media post or set of tips inspired by Kate about the best way to wrap packages.

Stylists and Fashion Experts: This is your moment to discuss what Kate was wearing, how we can all buy the look for less, what Kate and Will's style say about them...

Event Planners: Give tips on how to throw a Royals-inspired party this holiday season.

Cooks & Cocktail Pros: What types of drinks or snacks could you suggest people serve at a party that are inspired by England and the royal couple?

The possibilities are endless!  The key here is to make sure the connection (even if it's fun or silly) makes sense and is authentic.  Also remember, though hot topics are great excuses to reach out to the press with story ideas, you can always get a guaranteed story of yourself out there if you create a blog or social media post, so be sure you don't leave your own website and social feeds out of the loop when you tie yourself to hot topics!

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