Last Day for Tin Shingle's Biggest Membership Sale Ever


UPDATE: This Sale Has Ended. The current rate for membership is in effect.

This is happening. Tin Shingle's biggest sale ever on the All Access Pass of membership. Today only. Possibly Tomorrow's Today, that's why you need to act now. Last chance to lock in your rate at the $39/mo level!

Over the past several months, and years of dreams, we have been working on Membership Packages at different levels. This allows Tin Shinglers more flexibility to sign on for what they need, and downgrade when they go on vacation but want to stay hooked in, or upgrade when they are really digging into their buzz-building plans.

The second aspect we are introducing is Private Training. Over the years, Tin Shingle has become to be known as the hub for group training of high-level digital marketing concepts. We take great pleasure in watching our members implement what we cover in TuneUps and write about in articles, all the while providing members with resources to further strengthen their efforts, like Templates and Media Contacts.

Below you will find the new pricing model. We are literally building it under the hood right now, so you have until today (or maybe tomorrow), to lock in the rate of $39/month (or the 6 or 12 month packages). If you have been on the fence for years, now is your time to get over it (the fence I mean) and join us in Tin Shingle. :)

Go to:

Looking forward to meeting you!!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a member of Tin Shingle already, you do not need to do a thing to keep your rate of $39 locked in. It's already taken care of for you!