The Lap Desk, Boutiques, and Quality Launched Room It Up


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This Lap Desk launched Room It Up, a company dedicated to personalizing your space. It was only a few years ago, that Room It Up launched their exclusive patented lap desk design allowing couch workers, students, bed dwellers, outdoor typists, and more to have the ultimate work space wherever they are. It was this space saver idea that helped launch the Room It Up™ brand. Let's just say, it was the right idea at the right time. Not only was the function of the item well received, but no one could get enough of their great prints.

Room It Up Lapdesk in houndstooth

In 2002, business partners Maureen Lorr Schmidt and Jamie Chauss had just decided to leave their careers selling products to the mass-market chains and create a collection for specialty and boutique markets only. They wanted to give smaller stores well-designed and functional products that would enable these stores to compete with some of the larger retailers the partners used to sell to. Armed with their very first product, the Lap Desk, the Room It Up brand was born. Over the past years, the Lap Desk's great design and functionality has helped them become what they are today - a collection of over 400 gift and accessory items currently sold in over 5,000 retail stores across the country and around th world.

Today the Lap Desk remains at the heart of their collection as their best selling item. It is so great for so any uses: reading, writing, using laptop computers, eating, arts & crafts projects, back of the car, and so much more. In today's age between mobile offices, blogging and working from home - everyone has a need for a lap desk. For $28, who says you can't have one in every room of your house?!

Shop the other collections at Room It Up, and add some color and convenience to your to-do driven life!

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