It's About Time This Awesomeness Happened for Your Business


Be warned: this post uses the word awesome more than a few times...We even made you an "Awesome Collage" to go with it...

Our Facebook page revealed the news first: we're having a major membership sale and if you're not yet part of the Tin Shingle membership community, it's time you add more awesome to your buzz building capabilities and joined.  Why do I feel so passionately about inviting you to let Tin Shingle's tools and resources help demystify some of the most powerful tools in your business tool box?  Let's begin that answer with a story...

A Tin Shingle Membership Means You Can Slap On This Nametag Because Your Business Got More Awesome. Here's Why: Last weekend I was out with my husband for Friday "date night" and while "exhaling mentally" after a long and exciting week over a glass of wine we began talking to a man sitting near to us.  While making small talk we all started talking about what we do for a living, and when it became my turn to share, I excitedly shared what Tin Shingle is and what I get to help create all day long (they don't call me Chief Excitement Officer for nothin').  When I finished he looked at me and said, "Awesome, you have the coolest job ever!" and I agreed.  What we're creating here at Tin Shingle is giving us the chance to "democratizing buzz building" (public relations, social media, online marketing) and giving business owners like you - no matter how small or big or where they are based -  the opportunity to confidently and successfully have their businesses seen, heard and known in the press, online and in the minds of people all over the the country. Yes, guy-at-the-wine-bar, that is truly awesome. 

After coming home that night I reflected on the Tin Shingle benefits I totally biz crush on, the ones I was excitedly telling a total stranger about, and thought heck, I'll share these favorite features with you and how they will grow your business:

#1 Live and On-Demand Education - Every Week!

Empowered!Before I was am entrepreneur I was an educator.  I wrote curriculum for the Bill Gates Charter Schools, I taught high schoolers to love history, and I loved helping create new and powerful ways to learn about subjects that I love.  That's one of the many reasons I love all of the buzz building education that the Tin Shingle members can access for free at anytime, night or day.  The biz owners that attend our classes learn how to master their PR, social media and marketing from experts via live, on-camera webinars (every week!) and podcasts (check out these babies).  Businesses have their questions answered live during the weekly #TuneUps.  There is no reason for any of them to have to live with buzz building being fearful, confusing or a big, fat question mark. And they don't when they show up for a #TuneUp class! Awesome.

#2 Talk With Other Biz Owners, Get Advice, Get Feedback in the Forum

Feedback!I used to be afraid of forums, because they sounded "tech-y" and in my head I thought they'd be too much work.  Then I started using them and I'm hooked.  In the private member forums at Tin Shingle you can ask questions about:

  • How to reach out to a celebrity.
  • How to respond to a specific press email.
  • Issues when dealing with customers or clients.
  • Feedback about the wording of a pitch you're writing.
  • You can even find people to cross-promote with. 

Our Tin Shingle forum is also a safe place where you can feel unafraid to ask a question, no matter how big or how small, because everyone there is in the same boat, the "S.S. Entrepreneur."  They know what it's like -  some have already been where you are and know the shortcuts.  Overall it's just nice to have that contact with other business owners whenever I want, because as we all know, entrepreneurship can be isolating at times (let's be honest, some days I see my own computer more than other humans). Awesome.

#3 Templates For Pitches, Press Releases, Tracking Sheets & More

Easy Button!I don't know about you but I hate wasting time trying to figure out how to write a specific form or type of document out the right way.  For many business owners, that happens when they try to write a pitch, press release or even create a tracking sheet to monitor their own outreach.  Many of them ask themselves:

  • "Am I doing it right?" 
  • "Is this pitch even being read or is it not best format?" 
  • "There are so many versions on Google, which one is the right way?" 

Our Template section gets rid of those worries because we have downloadable samples of these documents (and more) already done for you.  Hello, easy button.  That can shave hours off your day and eliminates worries and wondering from your head. Awesome.

#4 Editorial Calendars: What Magazines are Planning on Covering

Insider informationEditorial calendars are one of the most awesome tools you'll get your hands on if you want to get magazine press for your business or yourself (and let's be honest, who doesn't?). National print magazines write their stories and create those pretty round-ups you want your business to be included in months in advance. How did you know they would be covering that? Editorial Calendars. Which magazines actually do make available to you! 

These are calendars that tell you exactly what a magazine is working on story-wise for the coming year.  That way, you don't have to guess the themes and stories that will guide each issue. Instead, you can tailor some of the outreach and pitching you do to these stories, and this increases your chances of getting great press for your business. 

The perk of editorial calendars at Tin Shingle? We collect them for you, dissect them, and make them available to you 24/7 to search through in your Member Account Center.  Get hooked on these "PR sexy" tools, learn their power, and you'll soon feel the same way. Awesome.

#5 Success Stories Make Me So Jazzed!

Success StoresNot a week goes by that I don't receive an email or call from an entrepreneur who tells us about major success they're experiencing because they joined Tin Shingle.  My favorites include:

  • SCORE! When we get word of a member landing major press due to our PR leads or media contacts. Awesome.
  • I DID IT! That moment a member is no longer afraid of or confused by a specific social media platform and totally unleashes on it!  Freedom! Awesome.
  • They Replied to Me! Members finally learning how to write a pitch that gets answered by the press - no more crickets on the other end of their email. Awesome.
  • Hooray for Hollywood! When a celebrity gets in touch with a member because they've learned how to get their attention quickly and correctly. Awesome.
  • Motivational Boost: When we hear that a small biz owner got a major boost of motivation and inspiration after one of our live weekly #TuneUp calls. So much of what you do as an entrepreneur requires mental strength, and hearing that we help keep them in tip top motivated shape never gets old. Awesome.
  • The "Flashlight" Moment: When our education, articles or classes help them demystify something that was stumping them, which feels like a high beam flashlight going off in the darkness.  These include everything from Instagram to Facebook advertising, selling on Amazon to writing a killer newsletter. Awesome.

All of these moments happen regularly and I am so grateful to be on the sidelines watching them happen every day!  If you want any - or all - of those moments to happen to you, then you want to get ready for our membership sale that starts this Friday and runs through Cyber Monday.  Follow our Facebook page and be sure you're signed up for our newsletter and you'll be the first to get the scoop!

Now back to my awesome job...