It's 4pm on Sunday...Do you know what's in your INBOX?


It's 4pm on Sunday, do you know what's in your inbox

It's 4pm on Sunday, do you know what's in your inbox?

If you're a business owner, you know that the hustle begins on Sunday evening, whether you like it or not. People, usually your clients or customers, are winding down their weekends and setting themselves up for their Mondays.

You may be doing your laundry for the coming week, but your inbox is filling up.

Does this stress you out? 

If you get stressed on Sunday due to early emailing, when you could be recharging your brain for the week, don't check your email until Monday morning or late Sunday night, if you just want to be aware of what's coming up for your week. As a business owner, perhaps do your staff or team a favor and don't send them email on Sunday.

But what if it's a potential new client or customer? Those are usually too  irresistible to answer, and swift answers can often be rewarded.

I often do a little prep work on Sunday afternoon or evening, and the emails that I do write, or reply to, are saved in my Drafts folder until Monday morning. I have sent email on Sunday nights, and it's in moments that I dub extremely important to the Sunday evening brainstorming of my team and I never expect a response back until Monday. That said, I'm weak just like the next business pro, and can't resist starting my hustle for a strong Monday. What about you?