How Tin Shingle Can Help Your SEO


Part of your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy should be how to use other websites to your advantage. You will want to approach other websites to link to your home page, as well as your interior pages. You will also, however, be a shining star on one of those websites. And it's those websites that may out rank your website for a specific term. If that's going to happen, you want to be sure you write your content in a way that will make your potential customer want to click on a link pointing to your website (hopefully there is one from the website that is ranking for you), and buy what you are selling.

We designed Tin Shingle to do just that for our small business #propreneur members. In addition to the editorial we create that in some cases features them, members are also able to create their own features on our website, literally, whenver they want. We've given our small business owners some SEO power, and many of them are using it to attract new clients and customers. Here is how they are doing it.