How Gossip Girl* Changes Brands (*and all those other shows you secretly watch)


If you happened to be on Tin Shingle (or my personal) Facebook or Twitter pages today, you may have heard our buzzing about three great brands featured on Gossip Girl :  Gemma Redux, Kara James Bags, and Lust4Luxe handbags.

I will be the first to admit openly and honestly that I do not watch Gossip Girl (or 90210, or Privilege or the many other hot teen programs), I do understand it's power to change a brand overnight.  Here's a quick lesson on why product placement is important, how to handle it, and great news for members who want their own chance at Gossip Girl!


I've had people say to me - "I never watch teen programming, why should I care if my brand is on?"  After I catch my breath and get over my shock I let them know these reasons:

#1 It validates you like crazy - here are a few places that will be interested:

* Weekly Magazines & Blogs:  Fastest way to great celebrity magazine press (Us Weekly, Star, etc) is to have a tie to what shows are hot and what actors and actresses are the most sought after.  Check out your local newsstand and see who they feature regularly - those are the shows and celebrities you want to be seen with or on (your product that is).

* Trendsetters:  Though we may not watch some of these shows, the trendsetters, editors, and fashion personalities who you need to impact often follow them - all it takes is one person to see your brand and you could find yourself in the pages of Glamour's next issue!

#2  It can lead to sales and purchase orders

* Sales & National Stores:  I was recently at a trade show talking to a major department store buyer, and when I inquired about what they needed to see in a brand in order to take a meeting there were some basics I've heard before:  get the major fashion magazines, get product placement in a major program or movie, and high profile celebrity interest, to name a few.

#3 Stylists will get to know you

*Whether the costumers on the show, their friends, or those who follow the fashion focused programming, they will be watching, and they will take note.  We've even had clients who had orders placed from the set after their products caught the eye of network stylists.

#4 You can toot your own horn on and offline

* Placements on national television allow you to toot your own horn as you should!  Tweet, Facebook, Digg, and spread the word!  People get excited about exciting and challenging things, and this is a great way to share your success and open the door to people visiting your website.

* Add it to your media kit - screen shots, show notes, logos, front and center - this will surely attract editors and buyers like we mentioned before!


* When you send your product to a wardrobe department be prepared for it to sit there for months.  At times they need the piece immediately, but  normally until they know you and what you have to offer, they will keep it there until it works with an actor or actresses ensemble.

* Don't stalk or ask when it will be returned or used.

* Be prepared to act fast - at times we hear weeks ahead when it will air,  other times (like today) we heard the day of, an hour before it went to air.

* Get a clip!  Call Video Monitoring Services and they will help you get a clip - even an e-clip, quickly that you can use to leverage your placement.

* Write a press release (short and sweet with a link to your product) and send it to the weeklies and fashion magazines asap.  You want some buzz!  If you can get a screen shot too, go for it!  This is a great reason to PING your  favorite outlets you've been building a relationship with.

* Include the news in your newsletter and if you feel up to it, use a promo code for the product that was featured. 

* If it looks like the hit will be huge, prepare sales wise!

* Send a handwritten thank you note after the email you send the moment it airs.  You want the department to reach out to you in the future.  I would also send Fretzels, Sweet Muse, or Gourmetibles ; )


Are you a Tin Shingle member?  We're pulling soon for future Gossip Girl tapings and would love to find some hot new fashion brands to showcase.  Stay tuned to find out how you can submit!


Great article Sabina! Love it! Packed with all types of important information. Thanks:) Have a lovely day!

PS just got off the phone with the wardrobe department at Gossip Girl, they said they just finished taping their last episode for now. They said it is better to wait than to send samples now, they are going through their accessories now to send items back, they wouldn't want new items to get lost in shuffle. They said to send samples in June.