How to Blog: Just do it


I was listening to WNYC's Soundcheck with John Schaefer while tweaking the redesign of our Tin Shingle home page, when I heard a quote that you may appreciate. The segment was on creative blocks, and how artists cope with those stuck times. The quote, which I can't promise was spoken by John Schaefer because I was only listening peripherally, went something like this: "When you have a daily blog, you have to write every day. Then again, you're in the habit of writing every day, so there is a process there. But then again, it's a blog, so who gives a crap?"

Ha. Loved that. Not because blogs are crap, but because blogs give creative expression to so many different kinds of people and brands for different reasons. If you're blogging for your brand, yes, you need to be mindful of what you put up there (because online content is very hard to delete squeaky-clean-like), but the most important thing you could do for your blog is Translated into: write. Just write.

Tin Shingle member Kelley Taylor wrote a blog, but had created it for herself. It was a private blog cataloging her home decor resources. Through a series of events, she became an author and sought after expert on the subject, and the press wanted her website address. She didn't have one, so published her private blog. What she didn't know was that she had created an SEO masterpiece. We'll publish that interview later, but come away from this blog post with the takeaway to just write and create.

Go...Shoo...Blog something!