#Growing Pains (aka Website Upgrades)


You may have noticed that the Tin Shingle website is a little slow lately, and some other things are a little...wonky too. We know, and here's why:

We're upgrading!

Yay. #growingpains

When we moved into our new Tin Shingle life, we decided to take that opportunity to invest in our infrastructure a bit, which is an understatement. For those who like geeky things, here's what we are doing, and how it impacts you:

Faster Website Server:
The website has been slow for too long. The reason? We're maxing out on memory. So, we're moving to a new server and a new frontier entirely. We've been at Media Temple for a long time, and do love them for most websites, but for ours, we need to move to the Amazon Cloud. That takes a lot of server tinkering, which is now mostly done (I don't think server work is ever realllllly done).

Upgrading Drupal:
Our website is built on an open source platform called Drupal. It has its own upgrades that websites can put into place. Like any update, stickiness can happen. We had to make this big upgrade on the live site, and before we moved to our new home in the Amazon Cloud. This is our current project - getting the site from Media Temple to Amazon.

Then Come Pretty Page Layouts!

We have visual changes as well, like a better top navigation, better layouts of the Marketplace and Diaries of Small Business Owners, and a better way to manage membership and billing details. Those will happen after the above uber techy things happen.

Frustrated about something? Email us.
We can take it. Please email us at info at  tinshingle.com . We want to make the site great for you. If there is a problem, or if you can't find something, we'd love to hear about it so that we can make it better.

Meanwhile, we're hooked on reading Diaries of Small Business Owners!
We're reading some great stuff coming from our fellow small business owners in the trenches!

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