Google Reminds us About Timely SEO


Google blogged about tax season as told in search. This means that the people analyzing all search results for social implication over at Google narrowed their focus down to just searches done around the term "tax", found all related searches, and noticed a trend, as they do every year. As the months inch close to tax season, the keyword searches that people conduct change and follow trends. For example, as we get closer to April 15, searches for tax filing extension increased. In January and February, when W2s are normally sent out, searches for W2 forms increased.

What does this mean for your website? This is especially important if you have a blog that coincides with your website or business. Not only can you be thinking of possible keywords for your industry, but you can be mindful of current events right now, and how those fit into what you write about. This approach to SEO falls into the creative writing approach we've talked about before. Search engines such as Google have gotten very fast at indexing new content on the web. A blog post you wrote this morning may show up later today or tomorrow in search engine results, thus improving your SEO quickly.

Think about current events as you are brainstorming content. What TV shows are on? On which celebrity or model did you see your product on, in which magazine and issue? What legal guidelines have just been passed and how does that effect your industry (especially good for financial planners, accounting, etc.)? Chances are you will write about these things anyway because they inspire you to action. Be the first to write about it, and you may earn high rankings because bigger websites haven't caught up yet. So take those few days of spiked traffic!

For example: when the Feist song came out for the Apple iPod commercial, I didn't know who the singer was. I did a search in Google, and found slim pickings. I wrote a blog post to identify the artist, using the search terms that I myself used when trying to find the artist's name. Note: I didn't know her name, so having that in the title wasn't as important for SEO because people weren't searching for Feist, they were searching for "1234 song" or "song in iPod nano commercial". Only later did I add the artists name into the title, as a way to grab clicks from the sea of search results. I was one of the few to write a blog post in this manner, and my traffic shot up for about 3 days, before the big boys like Yahoo's writers caught on. Plus, the searches were short lived, as more and more people learned Feist's name and the commercial stopped running. But, it was enough time to increase my earnings from my Amazon Affiliate program, as well as Google Ads.

Think about it! Timely search for SEO is very important. If you need brainstorming, we're here to help.