Sneak Peek of Our Brand New Website Coming Soon!



It's happening! Tin Shingle is getting a makeover and it's a Big. Deal.

Not only are we changing the look of a few things, but we are streamlining the way a few of your favorite tools work on Tin Shingle. From easier navigation of articles to one-click-streaming of TuneUps. #Gasp.

I know! Here are a few screenshots to show you a few things...


You're going to get a great big new home page that is easy to scroll and show you the most important information first - the buzz-building information you need to know now about getting the word out about your business.

Members of Tin Shingle are also going to get an easier way to get to their 24/7 PR Center at the top of their screen, which makes getting to Media Contacts, Editorial Calendars and PR Leads even easier.

People in the media and regular people like you ane me who love discovering new businesses also have an easier time of it in the tippy top navigation with the new "SmallBizDiscoveries" tap that showcases Shopping Guides, Members in the Press, the Business Directory, and Tin Shingle's exclusive #SmallBizDiary member-produced blog series.


Members of Tin Shingle have always been able to search and find media contacts by magazine and now by TV, but they did so by searching by the name of the outlet or by a category of specialty. Now we have separate lists, where you can search by TV, Magazines, Blogs and Websites, and On-Air Experts. Oh yeah that's right - because it's those experts who can often carry your product onto the big morning shows you want to get on!


Businesses who are members of Tin Shingle have always been able to add their products directly to our Shopping Guides for anyone to discover. We also pull from these in our popular #SmallBizStyle, #SmallBizSnack and #SmallBizSips series. It's been a long time coming, but now with the demand of bigger pictures everywhere, the Shopping Guides got a total makeover with larger pictures to pin and share.

PS: Want some of these lovely candles? Sure you do! They are eco-friendly and made with love from Honest Earth Candles.


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We are coming to the mobile party! Hello to your tiny iPhone! The Tin Shingle website will be responsive and look and feel like an app. Navigating will be easier, pictures and words will be bigger. All is well in the world.

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