Get Over the Today Show Already!


So, I know you don't want to hear it, but you're going to have to......are you ready?

Get over getting on the Today Show!

While you're at it Get Over Oprah!

Sure we all want to tell our story on those programs, goodness knows I want my clients on all the time as well - it can change your brand!  I'm not saying that these outlets aren't important to pitch, but often I find that businesses or experts spend so much time pitching ( and often pestering) these major outlets they forget about the rest of the influential media outlets out there! 

Here's some advice on how to ween yourself off of pitching only the "Holy Trinity of TV" (Oprah, Today Show, and The View):

* Go to and look at her upcoming shows - it's free and it's online!  See if you are a good fit for any.  If you are  CORE member you can simply email us a segment you are interested in and we will pitch you directly to the producers.  If you aren't, mail or email your pitch to the show and after a week follow up.  After your follow up log it and let it go....

* Look at other shows' upcoming segments - at Red Branch PR we regularly call the producers to check in, but we often also go online to see what programs they have coming up.  Shows that do this include:  Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, Tyra Banks, Ellen, & more!

* Now make a list of the multiple other shows you can reach people on:  Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Mike & Juliet,  Tyra, Bonnie Hunt, Ellen, LOCAL NEWS, Good Day New York/Chicago/Dallas, etc.....PHEW the TV list alone is countless!

* Glance at your online and magazine pitch lists - are you caught up here?

* Now WATCH the programs ( via DVR and online options) to see what they cover and how they cover it - check over all of your pitches to be sure they share the same tone as the shows you are pitching.

* Plan ahead:  TV is a short lead so think about the next few months and how you can spin your story into an upcoming show - or pitch a segment they may need.  And remember that even though a segment is short lead, holidays, sweeps weeks, and big news events will be planned at least a month in advance!

* Think positively and believe in yourself, believe you will get your Oprah /Today/ Daily Candy moment, but don't wait around for them to change your business!  Just like your mother told you not to wait around pining for that guy in high school to call you back and ask you to prom - the one who never did ( you're missing out on other guys sweetie!)  - you should apply the same philosophy to pitching your major TV outlets! 

Don't let another great (TV) date pass you by while you're waiting for that call!