Featured Tin Shingles, Jenny Greer and Erin Bickley of Hold Your Haunches


Jenny Greer and Erin Bickley of Hold Your HaunchesThe dream of our company, Hold Your Haunches, started when one of us (Erin) could barely make it through an exercise class for worrying about her jiggly behind. Upon discussing the concern with her close (and skinnier) friend Jenny, it was discovered that she, too, had experienced similar distress. When the leggings craze enveloped the nation, both of us were left feeling like two fashion lovers forever sidelined by childbirth, reality tv and margaritas. Not ones to be left “behind”, we committed to and designed the perfect pant. HYH  are a modern woman's pant; featuring 3 styles with the finest of compression garments sewn beautifully and comfortably underneath.

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